Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Review

  • Pepper Market
    Pepper Market has great Quick Service options in El Centro.
  • Pepper Market Interior
    The dining room in Pepper Market at Coronado Springs Resort
  • Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
  • Coronado Springs Location
    Disney's Coronado Springs is located between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
  • Kid's Cheese Pizza Meal
    Pizza is a common Quick-Service offering
  • barbados beef bowl
    My favorite meal at Quick-Service Pepper Market was the Barbacoa Beef Rice Bowl.
  • Statues in Pepper Market
    The decorations in Pepper Market make for great pictures and photo-opps!
  • IMG_5672
  • IMG_5673
    They had a great table set up for the kids with all kinds of paint options.
  • IMG_5674
    For only $12, you can create your own Oaxaca wood carving.
  • IMG_5677
    Our final products!
  • Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Lobby
    Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Lobby
  • IMG_5625
    Two Queen Beds
  • IMG_5626
    Enjoyed the styling with the bathroom doors.
  • IMG_5627
    Bathroom was older, but in good shape.
  • Pool at Coronado Springs Resort
    Mayan Themed Pool at Coronado Springs Resort
  • Walkway around Lago Dorado at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
    Love the lights and scenery on the walkway around Lago Dorado
  • Ceiling above Fountain at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
    Ceiling above Fountain at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
  • Fountain in Lobby at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
    A lovely fountain welcomes you to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

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  • Thanks for your honest review. The resort looks beautiful but those bus waiting times are a killer. Hope you left feedback on the property.

    • Sarah

      The Resort was beautiful, and the food was a huge plus. I did leave feedback on the bus rides (actually called during our 55 min wait). Other days were a little better, but I think it was because of it being more focused on the conference center. Hoping it gets better with the new areas they are building because it’s a lovely resort.

  • Anisa Alhilali

    Yeah the resort does look nice, but I would be fuming if I had to wait that long for a bus. I wonder if what you experienced was a one-off or typical? Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • Sarah

      I really thought the styling and food were a notch above some other moderate resorts at Disney, but the buses were killer. I’m hoping the new construction brings more attention to the need for better bus schedules. I’ll give it another shot then!

  • The decor looks stunning. Loving the whole Mexican Colonial Spanish theme! I hate waiting for buses in theme parks though. If weather permits, I’d much rather walk if the wait is going to be more than 10 mins! It may take longer, but at least it’s exercise. it’s a different story with kids though!

    • Sarah

      I loved the theme too. It was so beautiful, and the food was way better than most other moderate resorts. I am right there with you on walking! If I’m within walking distance, that’s always my go-to as well.

  • Amanda Bowers

    Sounds like you had a much better experience here than we did. Sadly, I wanted to enjoy it more, but our restaurant experiences were…shall we say…not up to the usual Disney experiences and, yes, we were glad we had a car! Great review!

    • Amanda Bowers

      I will say…we really liked the pool!

  • Sarah

    We liked the pool a lot too! Sounds like this one just doesn’t quite deliver. For us it was the bus transportation and the food on your trip. It’s sad because I wanted to like it so much more. Maybe the new hotel they are building will bring some renewed attention to the details at Coronado Springs.

  • I’m loving this Spanish Colonial theme throughout the resort! Very lovely! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

    • Sarah

      I loved the theme as well. Love getting my weekly travel dose with #TheWeeklyPostcard too!

  • Reading about Disney trips is a double-edged sword. We love it, but it really makes us want to book a trip! 🙂 We haven’t stayed at Coronado Springs, partly because we tend to favor Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. But the decor is fantastic, as it is at most Disney resorts. They really know how to create a theme! Thanks for sharing your experience, and the details, on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • Sarah

      Writing about it is a double-edged sword too! The more I write, the more I want to plan my next trip. If you favor Magic Kingdom and Epcot, I would agree that Coronado Springs might not be the best visit. Something on the monorail is probably nice (but pricey!). Thanks for checking it out on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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