Jiko – The Cooking Place Dining Review

Botswana-style Seswaa Beef Short Rib at Jiko
The Beef Short Rib was delicious, but the Cassava-Potato Purée really made the dish.

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  • Tara Mitchell

    This place sounds fabulous!!! I’d love a month to just eat around Disney World. Every hotel and park has amazing eats!

    • Sarah

      If I was local, I would have a Tables in Wonderland pass for sure! The dining is one of my favorite parts of our trips too!

  • MouSeekers

    Everything looks so good. Actually got a reserevation back when I was on my honeymoon, but had to change to a different resturant because I found I was pregnant. I was to unsure how my stomach would react and I would be too tempted to order the yummy food if we just went there and ordered comfort food. Now I want to go back!

    • Sarah

      You definitely need to make a trip! The food was delicious, and we loved the theming as well. Hope it you can make it next time!

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