A Country Moment: Alan Jackson at Ascend Amphitheater

Ascend amphitheater
Ascend is an outdoor venue with 2,300 fixed seats and 4,500 on the lawn.

My husband grew up with country music and brought the classics to my kids.  Alan Jackson quickly stood out as a favorite to our kids.  We have spent countless car rides jamming to “Itty Bitty”. “Drive” is also a personal favorite for my son and husband.  I even had to buy Alan Jackson’s “34 Number Ones,” because I would get so many requests for his songs on the way to school.

When I saw that Alan Jackson was coming to the Ascend Amphitheater, I HAD to scoop up some tickets. I really wanted the whole family to go and had this vision of my husband and kids enjoying this great family moment, singing along to their favorite songs. I was worried, however, about how the kids would do at a full-length concert.

Ascend Amphitheater

Ascend is an outdoor venue, with both fixed and lawn seating.  It’s located in downtown Nashville, TN with a great view of the Nashville skyline.

Ascend amphitheater

Ascend is an outdoor venue with 2,300 fixed seats and 4,500 on the lawn.


I had several friends that had been to concerts at Ascend previously. I asked them if there was a specific seating area better for kids than others, and they recommended a seat on the lawn.  Not only were the tickets cheaper on the lawn, but the lawn seating lets you pick your spot. For taking kids to a concert, this was ideal. We were able to get a spot towards the back of the venue and very close to the food and bathrooms.  The kids had plenty of room to dance and play (and make silly faces for pictures!)


Hanging out at the back of the lawn at Ascend Amphitheater.


There are requirements for seating on the lawn and be aware that they might reject your seat at the front gate if it doesn’t meet certain requirements. Lawn chairs must be low back, low seat with a seat lower than 9″ off the ground. They have the specifics on their website. We had 2 chairs that failed to meet the requirements, and my husband had to take them back to the car.  They also rent lawn chairs at the venue, but it is cash only.


A Country Moment : Honky Tonk Highway

We had so many memorable moments that night!  We sang along with our favorite songs, danced around with each other, and just enjoyed each other.  One of my favorites was the daddy-daughter dancing and the ensuing giggles.

When “Drive” came on, my son hopped up on my husband’s shoulders, and they belted it out together.

Sitting on Daddy’s Shoulders

We also took plenty of pictures together and can’t wait for our next concert together!

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