Trattoria Al Forno and the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast

Assorted Pastries at Bon Voyage Breakfast
Loved the assorted pastries, complete with a frying pan courtesy of Rapunzel!

When I heard there was a Rapunzel dining experience, I was on the MyDisneyMagic app immediately. Rapunzel is at the top of our princess list, and the fact that Flynn Rider, Ariel, and Prince Eric were included sealed the deal.  It is also not very often that Disney adds a new Princess meal, and the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast does not dissapoint!


The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is located at Trattoria Al Forno on Disney’s Boardwalk. The locations is perfect if you are planning to enjoy Epcot afterwards, as it is a short walk from the “other Epcot entrance” that leads you directly into France. This is one of my favorite little secrets, since you can skip all the lines. There is also a boat over to Hollywood Studios. There are so many other restaurants to enjoy on Disney’s Boardwalk as well. Find a great guide to Disney’s Boardwalk Part 1 and Part 2 from

Entrance to Boardwalk Resort

Entrance to Boardwalk Resort

View of the Boardwalk

View of the Boardwalk

While You Wait


Chances are you will have to wait a few minutes before your table is ready, and we found a great spot to explore. The AbracadaBar is in between Trattoria Al Forno and Flying Fish Cafe. You can enjoy the magic memorabilia and decor while you wait for Rapunzel and crew.


Be forewarned that you are still at Disney, so they naturally have a whole souvenir stand as soon as you walk in to the restaurant. While many of the items were available elsewhere on property, we found an adorable Pascal that wrapped around your arm. We couldn’t resist and snagged it before our breakfast. It gave us a great talking point with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider when they visited our table.


We loved our new Pascal!


The Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast is a menu-driven dining experience instead of the buffets or family-style you might be used to at Disney Character Experiences.  You can find the menu here . Many of the dishes have a slight Italian flare, as they should since Trattoria al Forno serves up Italian dishes for lunch and dinner. They are also inspired by the characters you meet. My favorite inspirational dish were the assorted pastries that were served in a frying pan to pay homage to our Hostess, Rapunzel.

Assorted Pastries at Bon Voyage Breakfast

Loved the assorted pastries, complete with a frying pan courtesy of Rapunzel!

We tried several other dishes and none disappointed. King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno is the most popular dish, a calzone with soppressata, bacon, sausage, blend of cheeses, and Sunday gravy. My husband gave it a try and said it was amazing.

King Triton's Shipwreck al Forno

King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno


You have two sets of hosts for this breakfast. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider came to visit us first and asked about our dreams and shared some of theirs as well. A souvenir booklet comes along with the meal, and the kids were able to write down dreams and adventures for the future.

We were decked out in our Rapunzel braid and Punzie ears.

Ariel and Prince Eric also made rounds and talked to us about their love of adventure.

Similar to Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, the Princesses lead all of their visitors around the restaurant to a medley of their favorite songs. Also, if you don’t snag all of their signatures, you actually get a signature card to take with you as a gift.

Souvenir Signature Card

Souvenir Signature Card


The Bon Voyage Breakfast is one of our favorite Character Dining experiences.  Pro-tip : It is very dark in the restaurant, so a flash might be necessary to get good pics.

Reasons I would book it again and again:

  • Rare Character Experiences – Only character dining experience with Rapunzel. Also includes Prince Eric and Flynn RIder, which don’t have regular character experiences in the park so you are unlikely to get pictures with them otherwise.
  • Location – Perfect meal to set you up for a stroll around the World Showcase in Epcot. You are within easy walking distance of the back entrance in Epcot, coming out in France and skipping all the lines.
  • Food – It is menu-based instead of a regular buffet or family-style meal like a lot of other character breakfasts. This leant itself to higher quality food and happier tummies.

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