Finding that Half Marathon Training Motivation

I ran my first half marathon last year.  Finding that half marathon training motivation wasn’t coming as easily as I would have hoped this year. If I’m completely honest, I probably gave myself a 30% chance of finishing when I first started training.  I was riding the pre-race high and signed up for the next year at a really discounted price. The next year was quickly creeping up on me, and I had definitely let my training progress more slowly this year.

If you have read one of my blogs before, you know I constantly battle myself with almost every step.  There are times when I literally have to convince myself to take another step and not turn around.  The week before, I had given in to those thoughts.  I’d started my running app (I use Strava) and had seen that one of my friends had blown away 6 miles the day before. His pace had been WAY faster than anything I thought I was capable of.  Rather than being proud of my friend, I completely let it get into my head in a negative way. I only ran 1 mile that week and had a pretty crappy attitude about it.  I convinced myself that I would never be able to finish a half this year, because I was so far behind training.

A week later, I mapped out a 6 mile run that would bring me in line with my training plan.  I determined to not give in to the negative thoughts again. I’d run this far before, and I could do it again.  My route as going to take me towards my son’s elementary school.  I knew the road but hadn’t run much of it before.  I left hydrated and with a good attitude this time. Around mile 2, I started toying with an idea.  My run was taking me close to my son’s school, but not all the way there. All I could think about was taking a picture outside of his school. I knew he would get such a kick out of it when I got home and showed him how far I had made it.

When I hit 3 miles, I felt like I was almost to his school, and I made the decision. I was running all the way to his school.  I took my picture in front of the playground at exactly 4.0 miles and steeled myself for the 4 miles back. I’d pushed further then I probably should have.  My 6 miles had turned into 8, but the idea of showing my school picture to my son pushed me all the way home.  He was so excited and in awe that I had made it that far.  For me, latching on to small goals with each run seems to help me push through. This week it was taking that picture in front of my son’s school.


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