Harmony Barbershop : Magical Disney Moments

Mickey Ears after our 1st hair cut at Harmony Barbershop
Checking out those special Mickey Ears

My Disney Story is all about moments. I knew our first trip would be special, but I never anticipated so many opportunities to turn moments into cherished memories. One of my favorites came from a visit to the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street U.S.A.

We were “one of those people” who took an 18 month old to Walt Disney World knowing full well he would never remember the trip. It was going to be a trip of “firsts” : the first time he flew on an airplane, the first time he saw Mickey Mouse, the first time he stayed in a hotel even! I was searching for more “firsts” when I came across The Harmony Barbershop and their First Haircut offering.


The Harmony Barbershop is located on Main Street U.S.A in between City Hall and the Emporium. It’s actually a great location to watch the parades as well since they finish right in front of the Barbershop.

Harmony Barbershop Location

Harmony Barbshop is located in the back left corner of the Town Square

Scheduling a Visit

You can book a visit to the Harmony Barbershop through the Walt Disney Reservation line (407) 939-7529. It’s actually the same line to schedule Dining Reservations, so don’t get worried if they answer “Disney Dining!” We were able to get reservations about a month out but couldn’t be too picky about the day/time.

Harmony Barbershop Menu

Finding affordable add-ons to your Walt Disney World trip can be difficult sometimes. After paying for the vacation itself, you don’t want to have to spend a lot on other magical extras. This experience, however, is extremely moderately priced. There is an up-to-date pricing guide on the Harmony Barbershop website, but as of now, the prices are:

  • My First Haircut Package – $25
  • Child’s Haircut (9 and under) – $18
  • Adult’s Haircut – $19

My First Haircut Package

The My First Haircut Package includes special “First Haircut” Mickey ears as well as a First Haircut certificate. They also put the first curls in a napkin with the traditional Mickey sticker for a keepsake if you ask. We took advantage of this offering for both of our children’s first haircuts and couldn’t have been happier. You can tell that the barbers here know how to give a great haircut to wiggly kids! If you do opt for the First Haircut, make sure to get something adorable to save those curls and a cute picture frame to capture the moment!

Child’s Haircut

We tend to schedule a haircut at Disney about once per year. I think the child’s haircut is an amazing alternative to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for girls and boys! My daughter has gotten piggy tails and a fancy pony tail complete with pixie dust on multiple occasions. The styling options are just as good as Bibbidi Bobbidi but with much more reasonable pricing. It also gives us a chance for both kids to do something together. They have plenty of color and pixie dust options for boys too.

Adult Haircut

My husband joined in the fun one time. It was definitely a great father/son moment to get haircuts next to each other in the Harmony Barbershop. The pricing can’t be beat either!

The Experience

You check in about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. I’ve always had them start almost exactly on time, which is nice when you have other plans lined up afterwards.  I’ve found the experience similar, but a little different as the kids get older.

First Haircut

For the first haircut at 18 months, I was amazed at the skill in keeping a little one occupied and delivering a cute haircut. Stickers and a spinning toy were key! Our barber started by covering our little guy up in stickers, and he spent most of the time picking them off!

Stickers at Harmony Barbershop

The stickers were key!

The spinning toys are consistent from cut to cut. We’ve had all different varieties, but Minnie Mouse and Rapunzel get to claim the “first haircut” spot!

You finish up with some special Mickey Ears and a certificate! The ears are monogrammed with “First Haircut”. We also asked for a package for our “first curls” and they sealed it with a Mickey sticker.

 The Royal Treatment

I love the Harmony Barbershop as a replacement for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I didn’t think my daughter would get enough out of it at 2-3 years old and wanted something that include her Big Brother as well. Harmony Barbershop offers some magic “pixie dust” with your style. We’ve opted for pig tails and a high pony tail. Both were a big hit! I will warn you that despite taking some good baths, the sparkles stayed with us for a while. It wasn’t a problem for my daughter though!

Pony tail with Pixie Dust

A high pony with some pixie dust!

I’ve seen them offer different colors to spray in the hair for the older kids as well, but we haven’t taken advantage of that yet.

Stylish Cuts

Even after you pass the “pixie dust” and first haircut stage, Harmony Barbershop still hits a home-run with stylish cuts for the kids as they grow older. The pricing is very reasonable and less than what we pay at home sometimes, and the experience is far superior.

Before and after haircut at Harmony Barbershop

Before and After. Quite the Dapper Gentleman!


There are so many reasons I love Harmony Barbershop, but these are a few reasons I recommend you make a reservation and add it to your Disney itinerary:

  1. Special Moments : First Haircut
    1. Disney goes all out with the special Mickey Ears and certificate for a First Haircut. They make it a magic moment for you and your child.
  2. Professional
    1. They cut little kids’ hair all day and with magical Disney service. They know what they are doing and every trip here has been 100x better than a trip to get our hair cut back home. Who ever thought to cover a kid with stickers for the whole hair cut?
  3. Affordable Disney Fun
    1. It’s actually very reasonably priced for a Disney extra. The lowest priced experience at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is $64.95. For $18, you can get the same hair-styling PLUS an actual haircut.
  4. Memories
    1. It’s on our list for life now. We take a picture out of the same window every time so we have it for years to come. My Disney Story is all about moments, and Harmony Barbershop is forever one for us.

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