Kid-Friendly Dining in Nashville – Coco’s Italian Market

I am always on the look-out for kid-friendly restaurants that also serve up delicious food for the parents too!  There are so many kid-themed restaurants (I.e. Rainforest Cafe) where you can barely stand the mediocre food.  Nashville, thankfully, meets your foodie-needs and also serves up some restaurants where kids can enjoy the meal as much as the parents. One of the “must-dos” and a true Nashville Original is Coco’s Italian Market. The relaxed environment makes for a perfect, stress-free family dining experience.

Coco’s Italian Market


Coco’s is located off Charlotte Ave near trendy Sylvan Park. You can enjoy a lovely walk past it’s many restaurants and shops. The Farmer’s Market on the weekends is a real treat too! Coco’s isn’t just a restaurant, but also has an awesome Italian Market connected. It has both pre-prepared dishes for you to take home and all the components of a delicious meal if you choose to make it yourself.

Bocce Ball While You Wait

They boast a bocce ball court if you do find yourself waiting for a table or just want to enjoy a beer outside on a nice Nashville day.  Coco’s is never more popular than the night before the Rock N’ Roll Music City Marathon each year. We visit done year and had to wait for a solid hour. The kids barely even noticed while we played bocce ball and enjoyed the courtyard outside the restaurant.

You have to sit on the Patio

The main reason Coco’s rises to the top of the kid-friendly Nashville list is the patio.  On a nice days, it’s wonderful to soak in the sun and breeze.  During winter months, they run heaters and keep you nice and toasty. The Patio also has plenty of room for large parties if you want to celebrate a special occasion.

We love the patio all seasons at Coco’s

Playtime for the Kiddos

What really makes the kids love it?  The play kitchen.  Nine times out of ten, the kids don’t even follow you to the table.  As soon as you hit the patio, be prepared for them to scamper off and enjoy the play kitchen.  They bake cookies,make pizzas and occasionally visit your table to taste their creations.  The other wonderful part is that there are often several families on the patio (for all the reasons above!) and your kids get to have a little play time with others as well. I’ve sat and watched my kids play with all of the other children, play in their own little world, all while the the pizza is cooling down.  There isn’t any fussing while you hyperventilate trying to cool down a pizza. You get to relax and call the kids over when the pizza hits the right temperature!


This is the real star! It is what will keep you coming back over and over.  The menu boast  keeps us coming back.  It’s delicious, and I’ve rarely had even a mediocre meal here.  A special brunch menu is offered on the weekends, and you will find things like Mateo’s Breakfast Lasagna to serve up amazing breakfast dishes with an Italian flare.


You may think you can’t handle anything else, but you cannot skip dessert at Coco’s Italian Market. The Chocolate Explosion cake truly has no equal if you are a sugar-aholic! Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake INSIDE Chocolate Mousse Cake. For my birthday one year, my husband got me an entire Chocolate Explosion  and that was the only present I needed!  The cannolis are also amazing, with chocolate chips inside. You can also make a stop by the gelato bar to find some of the fresh options.

Coco’s Extras

While they don’t necessarily influence the dining experience, it’s fun to visit a place that has so many different services. Coco’s not only runs an amazing restaurant and market, but also offers:

  1. Learn to Speak Italian Classes
  2. Wine Events
  3. Italy Tours (yes, you can to go Italy with Coco’s!)
  4. Cooking Classes
  5. Event Spaces and Catering

While it checks all the boxes for kids, it’s also a great venue for adults. If you are spending a weekend in Nashville, give Coco’s Italian Market should be high up on your list for a great dinner. If you need some more inspiration, be sure to check out A Weekend Getaway in Nashville.

We even spent Mothers Day at Coco’s one year. They gave all of the girls carnations!

Mothers Day at coco's italian Market

Loved our flowers at Coco’s


If you are looking for a place where the locals eat in Nashville, then Coco’s Italian Market should be high up on your list. It’s a place where the food is amazing and the pressure for the kids to “stay quite” or “sit in their chair” is complete off. Everyone can relax and truly enjoy their meal.  For all these reasons and more, Coco’s is a must-do the next time you visit Music City:

  1. Enjoy Bocce Ball will you wait
  2. Spend a meal on the patio in any season
  3. Let the kids play in the play kitchen while you wait on the food or it cools down
  4. Enjoy authentic, declines Italian food
  5. Try some of the most decadent desserts around town

What do you think? Are you ready to give Coco’s a try?Coco's Italian market Pin


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