Peru Road Trip Part 1 : Leaving Arequipa

  • Christmas Tree in Arequipa District
    Christmas Tree in Arequipa District
  • Nativity Scene in Surrounding Area
    Nativity Scene in Arequipa District
  • Arequipa Country Side
    Views of the countryside in Arequipa
  • Arequipa Terraces
    We loved getting our first views of terracing in Arequipa.
  • Arequipa to Chivay route
    The trip from Arequipa to Chivay would take us around the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reservation.
  • Amusement Park in Arequipa
    Our son would love this playground in Arequipa!
  • Parque Coritos II
  • IMG_4835
    Squatter Settlement outside of Arequipa
  • IMG_4861
    You can see one of the many mining operations behind this illegal dwelling.
  • Saying Goodbye to Arequipa! Mining Operation view
    Saying Goodbye to Arequipa!
  • Amazing Arches in Yanahuara
    Beautiful Arches in Yanahuara
  • Volcano views from Yanahuara
    Pichu Pichu from Yanahuara
  • Herding Sheep in Arequipa
    We passed several group of sheep and other animals as we left the city of Arequipa and entered the countryside.
  • Unfinished Houses in Arequipa
    Unfinished houses in Arequipa
  • Peru Road Trip 1
    There is so much more to find outside the city center of Arequipa. Find out why you should leave the city center when visiting this amazing Peruvian city.
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