Peru Road Trip Part 2 : Arequipa to Chivay

  • Andean Gull
    Andean Gull
  • IMG_5146
  • IMG_5191
  • IMG_5204
  • IMG_5227
  • Map Route
  • First View of Chivay
    First View of Chivay
  • Chivay Arch
    Chivay Arch Welcomes Us Into the City
  • IMG_5033
  • Google Maps - Arequipa to Chivay
    Arequipa to Chivay Route
  • llamas in salinas y aguanta blanca
    We saw many different llamas, in a wide range of colors and even spotted.
  • sign for Salinas y aguada blanca national reservation
  • IMG_5066
  • Puna Ibis
    Puna Ibis
  • IMG_5069
  • Andean Goose
    Andean Goose
  • IMG_5105
  • IMG_5106
  • Viscacha
    We were lucky and caught some viscacha, or Andes rabbits. They blended in so well with the rocks that we almost missed them!
  • IMG_6064
  • IMG_6211
  • Panorama in Salinas y Aguada National reservation
    Even a panorama couldn't capture the true beauty of this place.
  • City of Chivay
    City of Chivay
  • Peru Road Trip 2 Pin
    Road Trip through Peru and experience amazing wildlife through the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reservation. Find out why this trip from Arequipa to Colca Valley is a must-do!
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