The Rose and Crown Dining Room: Our Delicious English Meal

Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room in Epcot
Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room brings English pubs to life in the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot.

Sometimes the best laid plans fail you and spontaneous decisions are the way to go! Our dinner at Rose and Crown Dining Room was a last minute decision when we decided to just “see what was available” for dinner one night in Epcot. I’d planned several other aspects of our trip, but we found ourselves with an extra table service credit and hungry bellies!

Rose and Crown Dining Room serves up traditional British food in a lovely pub setting. It overlooks the water and is a great spot to watch the fireworks show at night if you find yourself with a late reservation. My kids love sausages so we figured it was worth a try to see how the bangers and mash measured up.


Rose and Crown is located in the United Kingdom Pavilion. It sits in the waterfront and has both a pub and family dining section. The pub section, Rose and Crown Pub, is first come first serve. You can enjoy the delicious beverage options and a few select menu items. The Dining Room is a Table Service, almost always required an advance dining reservation.Rose and Crown location in map


Rose and Crown feels like a comfortable English pub. The lighting is low, with dark wood forming benches and tables in the dining room. There is wallpaper with small crowns and green trim. As with other pavilions, the dining is meant to transport you to different places around the world. Rose and Crown does this better than most. Our server was delightful and my daughter was completely enamored with her. She was cheerful and welcoming and happy to share about her town and home in England. At times, you can also catch lively entertainment in the pub and sing along!


Beverages and Appetizers

Before we even thought about food, we had to think about our drinks! You can’t enter a pub in the United Kingdom and not indulge in a local drink. The menu here is very expansive, as you might guess. We settled on a Half & Half for my husband and a Snake Bite for me. We were both very happy with our choices! It wasn’t included this time, but the 2018 Disney Dining Plan will also include an alcoholic drink for those over 21.

Despite being on the dining plan and knowing it wasn’t covered, I couldn’t resist ordering a cup of potato leek soup. If you visit Rose and Crown, you have to order this. It was absolutely amazing.

Potato and Leek soup at Rose and Crown

Delicious Potato and Leek Soup!


We also like the try different entrees so we all get a little taste. We went with the Fish and Chips, Grilled New York Strip and Fried Fish, kids’ pasta, and kids’ bangers and mash. The fish and chips literally fell apart when you went for a bite. A little vinegar and lemon on top : perfection! The other clear winner was the bangers and mash (or in my daughter’s case bangers and fries). My daughter, unprompted, told our server that she was “the best cooker ever” and they were the best sausage she ever had. We passed our compliments on to the Chef!


No matter how stuffed I am from dinner, I seem to always have room for dessert! With the Disney Dining Plan, your meal comes with a drink, entree and dessert option for one Table Service credit. Our favorite of the desserts was the stick toffee pudding. A steamed pudding “cake” covered with a not butter-rum sauce and cream! The warm fruit crumble is a great choice if you don’t love a really sweet dessert. The fruit was tart, but the sweet cream added just enough to make it delicious!

Special Fireworks Viewing

While we didn’t take advantage, a late dinner Rose and Crown comes with a great perk. The outdoor patio seating is a wonderful place to watch Illuminations, the nightly fireworks show at Epcot. If you book a dinner late enough, you can ask for patio seating. I’d recommend a dinner around 7:30pm in order to get a good spot to watch the show. Delicious dinner and a great fireworks spot!

Patio at Rose and Crown

If you are lucky enough to snag a patio seat at Rose and Crown, it’s a wonderful spot to watch the fireworks.


Would I spend a Table Service credit at Rose and Crown again? Absolutely! I would even plan it in advance next time or pay for it out of pocket. There were so many things that make this a great choice for your Disney Dining:

  • Theming and Atmosphere : It’s hard to beat Epcot for best restaurant theming. The cast members working in the restaurants are all from the represented country. In this case, our server was so engaged in sharing about her country that it really added to the experience.
  • Beverages : This is another area that I think the Epcot World Showcase restaurants shine. If margaritas are you thing, then San Angel Inn in Mexico is probably your best bet. For us, a good beer or cider is our favorite so Rose and Crown served up the ultimate in beverages menus.
  • Food : The real reason you schedule a dinner at Epcot is to try something new, and Rose and Crown served up amazing quality English meals for us. Everything we ordered was spot-on. To earn a “best cooker” aware from my daughter is a tough thing to do (something I RARELY get).

For more information on the Disney Dining Plan, check out The Ins and Outs of the Disney Dining Plan.

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