Luxury Star Wars Resort : Please Say It’s So!

Disney is in the opening stages of exploring a Star Wars Resort INSIDE its new Star Wars Land.  Walt Disney World is currently surveying guests about the experience, which would take place on a “real starship”.

Based on the survey and WDW News Today, the two day experience would allow you to live in the story, staying on a Star Wars starship. The experience would include:

  • Personal interactions with Star Wars characters
  • Live performers throughout the starship
  • You can choose to engage completely in the story, even going through:
    • Flight training
    • Lightsaber training
    • Ship exploration
    • Personalized secret missions that take you throughout the resort and Star Wars land.

Concept Art – Star Wars Starship Resort

The experience would not come cheap at roughly $900-1000 per guest. It would include all meals (5 meals total, including 2 buffet breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 2 signature dinners with evening entertainment) and admission to Hollywood Studios on Day 2 to explore Star Wars Land.

Other amenities could include:

  • A pool area and water garden
  • Fitness area
  • Onboard cantina
  • Robotic droid butlers!

Concept Art – Star Wars Starship Resort Lobby

The real game-changer here seems to be the ability to truly live a Star Wars story, engaging in personal missions throughout the resort and Star Wars Land.  Visiting Walt Disney World is an experience in itself, but this seems to allow you to take it even another step further.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out. If you are the lucky recipient of a survey, please say YES!!!

Concept Art – Star Wars Starship Resort Guest Cabins

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