Tiffins Dining Review – Animal Kingdom’s Signature Dining

Whole Fried Sustainable Fish
The Whole-fried Sustainable Fish made quite the impression!

The dining options at Animal Kingdom have historically centered around Quick-Service. There have been very  few options for a sit-down, cultivated meal. The addition of Tiffins Restaurant changes all of that and brings the spirit of exploration to Animal Kingdom dining. It boasts artwork from the Imagineers who designed Animal Kingdom and inspires the feeling of an adventurer’s club with its decoration and menu.

masks on walls at Tiffins

Masks add to the Adventurer Theme


Tiffins Restaurant holds a special location on the way to Pandora – The World of Avatar. It would make a great stop on the way into or from the newest addition to Animal Kingdom.

tiffins location

Tiffins is located right across from Pandora – World of Avatar


The appetizer menu has options from around the world. Having recently returned from Peru, we were so excited to see a Causa featuring Peruvian purple potatoes! We tried the grilled octopus other recommendation of our server, and it was a hit even with the kids!

The kids even gave the octopus a thumbs up.

Main Course

We always try to order different meals so we can steal a little bite from one another. Tiffins made me wish we had a person for every entree! The Whole-fried Sustainable Fish definitely made the largest impression. It was delicious, and just scary enough for the kids to be mesmerized!

The Wagyu Striploin and House-smoked Brisket came with our Peruvian Purple Potatoes and were delectable. There wasn’t a bite left when we finished with dinner. The wagyu alone was worth the cost of the entire entree. It almost melted at a great medium-rare.

Wagyu Striploin and House-smoked Brisket

Wagyu Striploin and House-smoked Brisket

I had the Duo of Lamb, which seems to alternate with the Duo of Venison on the menu. It was a delicious Lamb sausage and lamb loin served with Leek ashes. I thought they were for decoration at first but actually added quite a bit to the flavor. Again, medium-rare was the way to go.

Duo of Lamb

Duo of Lamb

Kids Menu

Our children followed in our footsteps and each tried a different kids meal option. They enjoyed the Grilled Beef and Pasta Marinara. While some kids’ option are small portion, both of the meals at Tiffins were a great size.


If it was possible, the meal at Tiffin’s got even better! There is a great variety on the desert menu, and we took full advantage. Again, my recent trip to Peru influenced me, and I opted for the South American Chocolate Ganache. It was perfectly bitter with delicious dark chocolate.  The caramelized banana was good as well.

South American Chocolate Ganache

South American Chocolate Ganache

The other deserts we shared included the Sorbet Tasting and Lime Cheesecake.  I actually thought the Caramel-Chocalate Cake from the Kids’ menu was a great adult desert. It has chocolate “lava” in the middle and a cute Mickey chocolate nib.


Tiffins brings some much-need sophistication to dining in Animal Kingdom. The main reasons you should make the reservation:

  • Ambiance: Inspired by the engineers who designed Animal Kingdom. The restaurant really helps transport you to an adventurer’s mindset and enjoy the park even more.
  • Adventurous Menu: Tiffins is a restaurant for trying new things. If you are a traveler, you will find reminders of your trips (like my Peruvian potatoes!). If you aren’t, you have an opportunity to try inspired dished from around the world.
  • Easy Reservation: We made a reservation same-day. I did a quick search for this post and was able to get a table for 4 at 6pm with no difficulty. I expect this restaurant to become more popular, but it can be your secret for now!
  • Nomad Lounge: I haven’t personally visited the Nomad Lounge, but I’ve heard it has some of the most amazing drinks in Disney World!

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