Star Wars – Force for Change : UNICEF Kid Power Band

By a random stroke of luck, I found an amazing way to link two of my worlds and start 2017 off with a bang!  A friend gave my husband a Start Wars Power Band he won at Citrix Summit this year.  My son has had Fit Bit envy for quite a while, and I was super excited to get him set up.

The UNICEF Kid Power Band comes with its own app and lets kids participate in missions to earn credits through their physical activity. Those credits turn into food packets for malnourished children across the globe.  I’ve written about my son’s amazing heart before in A Heart to Give. As soon as I started researching this band, I knew it was going to be right up his alley.  It starts off with a Star Wars theme, which is another key to his heart.  Once we watched the introductory video, he literally started running laps around the living room. He said he had to get those credits as fast as he could to get the food for the kids.

I ran my first half-marathon last year and am preparing for my second in April. It was something I literally never imagined I could accomplish, but with the support of my husband and friends, I found myself crossing that line.  I’ve set a goal for myself this year to beat last years time. My son is also running in the kid’s mile race.  I can already see that this band is going to push us both to reach our goals.

I see so many advantages to participating in this program:

  • Involve you whole family in your fit goals.  My son is already pushing me for more steps!
  • Teach your kids about being healthy and active
  • Help your kids learn about challenges others face just to get the food they need to be healthy

We haven’t unlocked many missions yet, but it promises to take us through different countries where UNICEF is delivering aid.  I’m excited to see how this evolves, and we already hit a same step milestone!

Day 1 with our Kid Power Band, and we have a “same steps” moment!


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