How and Why To Run a Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt

For a family of moment makers, it’s hard for us when we can’t take our family and friends with us on all of our trips (and when we can’t go on theirs!). We are always thinking of ways to include each other and running a scavenger hunt at Walt Disney World  for our favorite things are at the top of that list. We started the tradition years ago with my family.  They aren’t quite the Disney nuts that we are, making multiple trips per year, so it’s a fun way to keep them included and part of the memories! Here are 6 ideas for a great Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt:

Favorite Characters

Our first scavenger hunt centered around snagging a pic with everyone’s favorite character. To this day, my kids can tell you which Princess each of their Aunts loves the most. We had one Aunt opting for tradition and picking Cinderella. The other challenged us to find her favorite, Jasmine, as well as her counterpart Aladdin. Mamaw requested Ariel, in mermaid form, and Papaw asked for his favorite, Pluto.


Fab 5

Another idea for a great scavenger hunt is finding the Fab 5 (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto) in different costumes. We love Pete’s Silly SideShow in Magic Kingdom with its fun outfits. You can also find the gang, often including Daisy, dressed up in Safari garb at Tusker House, in Halloween Costumes during Halloween season at Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood and Vine. Farmer Mickey hangs out at the Garden Grill and so many more.


Like our original scavenger hunt, you can look for everyone’s favorite princess. Many can be found at the character meals, but others like Merida or Pocahontas can only be found in the parades or parks. You can also make it interesting and throw in a Prince or a special requirement, like Ariel as a mermaid or Belle in her town-wear instead of her gown.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Snagged Cinderella and Prince Charming off our list!

Favorite Rides

Everyone has a favorite ride that they enjoy, and adding them to a scavenger hunt can help create a lot of fun as well. Before we go, we ask everyone to add their favorite ride to our list. We try to snap a picture or at least send them a message to tell them our favorite part! I’ve even see people take a picture together on the same ride every trip. Imagine what a cool keepsake the is going to be!

My must-do ride in Epcot is the Grand Fiesta Tour with the Three Caballeros. It’s a silly, little boat ride inside the Mexico Pavilion but it reminds me of my time in Mexico and all the places I visited. I’ve added it to many friend’s trips, and they probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise!

Favorite Foods

As much as you have a favorite character or ride, you probably also have a favorite snack or food at Walt Disney World! My trip is almost as much about the food as anything else. There are people who live for a Dole Whip. We have a friend who obsesses over Mickey Rice Crispy Treats. My trip isn’t complete without a Nutella and Fruit Waffle from Sleepy Hollow or a Cinnamon Roll from Gaston’s Tavern. Whatever your preference, putting together a scavenger hunt including some treats can challenge you to try new things and share the moment when you find a new favorite with someone!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World loves scavenger hunts too. The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt at Walt Disney World is Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. You travel around the Magic Kingdom looking for portals to fight villains with Merlin as your guide. I have an entire post on the fun of this scavenger hunt and highly recommend it! We have made some wonderful family memories playing together as we battle villains. One of my favorites was when we completed the game. The kids were so proud of themselves!

The Walls of Disney

If you follow many Disney Instagram accounts, you are bound to see lots about “The Bubblegum Wall” or “The Purple Wall.” These famous walls throughout Walt Disney World make fun backgrounds for your pictures and are equally fun trying to find. If you need to cheat, this article has all of the best walls and their locations : The Best Walt Disney World Walls for Instagram.

Join in the Fun

For our last trip, I actually started a scavenger hunt on Instagram and tagged friends and family with their favorite places/things. It’s a pretty fun (and free!) thing to do to help start making moments and memories. The whole family had a blast trying to find their Aunts’ favorite princess or their friend’s favorite country pavilion at Epcot. If you are ready to make it a little more formal, you can reach out to others on Instagram or other platform and let them play along too!

See all the places we visited and found with our scavenger hunt! We actually weren’t able to get to Soarin’ so that is your challenge!!


Finding new ways to create moments and memories is sometimes a challenge. When you are visiting a place multiple times, like we do with Walt Disney World, it can help to get others ideas about their favorite places or experiences. Creating this type of scavenger hunt has never let us down! One of our favorite moments came from finding Ariel in mermaid form for Mamaw. The line was so long we waited for Extra Magic Hour to visit (more about how those work here ) and ended up being the only people there for 5-10 minutes. Our son was wearing his ninja turtle jacket, and Ariel spent a full 5 minutes asking how he trained ninja turtles. She even suggested getting Crush involved to help train her turtles too. My son still remembers that interaction every time he wears a Ninja Turtles shirt or jacket.

Talking to Ariel about Ninja Turtles

Explaining how you can train Ninja Turtles!

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