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Mary Poppins at 1900 Park Fare
Practically Perfect in Every Way with Mary Poppins

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Where can you have a Very Merry Unbirthday and a Supercalifragilistic breakfast at the same time? At the 1900 Park Fare Breakfast in Disney’s Grand Floridian of course! Having enjoyed the amazing Cinderella’s Happily Ever After dinner here, doing a 1900 Park Fare breakfast review was a must!

1900 Park Fare Breakfast Characters

While the food and location are important, the characters are really why you book one of these meals.  The 1900 Park Fare breakfast is officially called the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast giving a nod to Mary Poppins, one of the amazing characters you will get to meet. In total, you’ll get to have fun and snap pictures with:

  • Mary Poppins
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mad Hatter
  • Tigger
  • Pooh

The characters at 1900 Park Fare make their way around the tables for photos, autographs, and general fun. When your meal is over, you do head to the back of the restaurant to snag your last character picture. During our trip, it as Tigger! This is a nice perk, because they have a Disney Photographer set up for pictures meaning your whole family can get in not the picture. Make sure you have Memory Maker if you want to download these pics for free!

1900 Park Fare Character Interaction Ideas

It’s always fun to have some questions to ask the characters when they visit your table. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Mary Poppins
    • Practice saying “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and ask her if she can say it backwards.
    • Ask her how Bert is doing or if Albert is still on the ceiling.
  • Alice
    • Greet Alice with “How do you do?”
    • Ask Alice what her favorite color flowers are.
    • Alice loved to stick her tongue out with our kids and ask what mischief they have gotten into lately.
  • Mad Hatter
    • It’s always fun to tell him its your Unbirthday!
    • If you ask him for his autograph, he will sometimes drawn a car and a graph. You have to ask for his signature.
  • Pooh
    • Tell Pooh you have a rumbly in your tumble and ask if he could spare any honey.
  • Tigger
    • We like bouncing up to Tigger and even asking him for a bouncing lesson.
    • When you leave, you can say “TTFN – Ta-Ta-For-Now”

Dress to Match Your Favorite Characters

It’s also always fun to dress to impress and match your favorite character. They love seeing you dressed up like them. Here are some options if you want to try out your Disney Style when you visit the 1900 Park Fare Breakfast:

Mary Poppins Penguin Crossbody Bag
Mary Poppins Penguin Crossbody Bag
Mary Poppins Dress for Women
Mary Poppins Dress for Women

White Rabbit Pouch - Alice in Wonderland
White Rabbit Pouch - Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt for Women - Oh My Disney
Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt for Women - Oh My Disney

Winnie the Pooh Spirit Jersey for Adults
Winnie the Pooh Spirit Jersey for Adults

Winnie the Pooh Backpack by Loungefly
Winnie the Pooh Backpack by Loungefly

Review of Character Interactions at 1900 Park Fare

Overall, the characters spent a good amount of time at our table. Alice probably had the most interaction, posing for lots of picture and talking about all the mischief the kids had gotten into. I do recommend having some interaction questions planned for when they visit your table. They will pose for pictures and provide autographs which is really nice. The Disney photographer picture at the end is also a nice bonus above and beyond what you will get at another character meal, like Crystal Palace.

1900 Park Fare Menu and Price

This character meal is a buffet with options for just about anyone! You’ll find Mickey Waffles that are a staple at any Walt Disney World breakfast. There are also a variety of blintzes and mini pancakes for those who love sweets for breakfast.

The 1900 Park Fare breakfast buffet carries a variety of:

  • Fresh Fruit and Bread
  • Carving station with Ham
  • Traditional Breakfast favorites like Biscuits and Gravy, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns
  • Omelet Bar
  • Sweets
  • Children’s favorites like Mickey Waffles

One of the adult favorites for the buffet are the custom-made omelets. You can go up to the counter and load your omelet up with tons of  varieties of veggies and meats. I didn’t see a lot of kids taking advantage, but the adult line for omelets was always healthy. They also have ham at the carving station that was a nice addition to a hearty breakfast.

The signature dish here for breakfast is the Strawberry Soup. Yes, you read that right! The 1900 Park Fare strawberry soup is a staple at the restaurant and a fun dish for the kids to try. You can find a full menu here if you’d like to see all of the options.

1900 Park Fare Disney Dining Plan

Whether breakfast or dinner, a meal at the Disney Grand Floridian 1900 Park Fare will cost 1 table service dining plan credit. Character meals are always an excellent use of your credits and are in fact one of the best ways to get the most value out of your Disney Dining Plan. For other tricks to squeeze the most out of your Dining Plan, you can check out my favorite hacks for the Disney dining plan.

If you choose to pay out of pocket, you can expect the meal to cost around $20 for a child and $32 for an adult (as of June 2018). The price is seasonal and you can expect it to swing up by around $4 per adult or $2 per child during busy seasons.

Review of 1900 Park Fare Breakfast Menu

Like the dinner, the buffet at 1900 Park Fare beats out other buffets. Specifically, I would place its quality above Crystal Palace and Chef Mickey’s. The omelet bar for the adults is what really sets this one apart. The children’s options are very similar to other buffets. The food isn’t quite as good as what you get at a menu-based breakfast (like the Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast)or the family-style restaurants like Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. The single table service credit is also a good deal. Breakfasts always come with a lower price tag if you are paying out of pocket as well.

Supercalifragilistic Breakfast Location

You’ll find the 1900 Park Fare breakfast in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. If you have some time before or after your reservation, it’s an amazing resort to explore. I especially recommend visiting near Easter and looking at all of the amazing chocolate Easter Eggs throughout the lobby!

The restaurant is located on the main floor of the resort, to the left side of the lobby. There are several ways to get to the Grand Floridian without having to drive yourself:

  1. Monorail – If you are staying at a Monorail Property, you can take it to the Grand Floridian. The monorail exits on the 2nd floor, so you will need to go down one floor to get to 1900 Park Fare.
  2. Boat – There is a dedicated boat that runs from Magic Kingdom the Grand Floridian. You can take a bus to the Magic Kingdom from any other resort and then hop the boat (or monorail) to the Grand Floridian.

Review of 1900 Park Fare Breakfast Location

The location for this breakfast is absolutely perfect if you are visiting Magic Kingdom for the day. You are only one monorail stop away. This means you can have breakfast, then immediately hop the monorail and be at Magic Kingdom in less than 5 minutes! It’s also very convenient for a visit to Epcot as you can ride the monorail around to the Ticket and Travel Stations as well.

Touring the Grand Floridian also has a lot to offer. It is one of the most impressive Disney World resorts. If you want to know what it is like to stay here, you can check out the full Grand Floridian Villas Review.

1900 Park Fare Breakfast Review Summary

There are few reasons why this Character Meal would make an excellent addition to your next Walt Disney World Trip:

  1. You have a major Alice or Mad Hatter fan. There are few options for meeting Alice, the Mad Hatter, or Mary Poppins around Walt Disney World. Most are either in Epcot or by chance. This gives you not only a guaranteed meeting but also saves time waiting in line.
  2. The buffet is better than other Character Breakfast buffets.
  3. The location is excellent if you are planning a day at the Magic Kingdom. It’s a great place to start you day and hop the monorail over to the park.

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