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One of the best things about Disney is that it has something for everyone! Even though every Disney mom is different, from their favorite characters to their favorite rides, there is still an awesome Disney gift just perfect for them.  Whether it is Disney jewelry, handbags, accessories, or art, you are sure to find an amazing gift for your favorite Disney mom!

Sparkle Like a Diamond

If it’s all about sparkles, there are some great options across all budgets. You can dress up a MagicBand with some pavé Magic Bandits for under $20. Two brands that stand above the rest for high quality Disney jewelry are Pandora and Alex and Ani. As a Disney mom myself, I own several pieces of both, and they stand the test of time.

For Disney Pandora Jewelry, there are few things you will want to know:

  1. Bracelets : You can get a variety of different bands including silver, gold, or leather.
  2. Charms : They have a full line of Disney Princess Charms, Minnie/Mickey, and other favorite characters.
  3. If bracelets aren’t your thing, you can also get earrings, lockets and rings although the selection is not as great. I’ve had a Minnie Bow Pandora ring for years, and it is one of my absolute favorites.

For Alex and Ani Disney jewelry,

  1. Bracelets come in a gold or silver color.
  2. Disney Princess are again well represented, but Alex and Ani also sport a good assortment of Start Wars themed bracelets.
  3. Bangles come with quotes, enameled pictures and pressed metal.

These are gifts that any Disney mom would LOVE to get from her fairy godmother!!

Disney Up Your Home

If you can’t live at Disney World,  you can bring Disney World home! One of the best brands for quality Disney home goods is Ethan Allen. They came out with not only Disney home items for kids, but also pieces that can fit in easily for Disney loving adults too. Le Cruesut has some fun Disney kitchen products meant to bring your love of Disney to your love of cooking!

Some great ideas to bring Disney fun into your everyday are:

Dress like Disney

I’m not sure what it is about Disney fans, but we literally love carrying our favorite characters on our sleeves. From head to toe, these picks are perfect for a Disney Mom. Relax in some princess pajamas or show your spirit with a Disney Parks Spirit Jersey. Toms also make some amazing Disney shoes for adults!

If you like some of the more underrated Disney films (think Atlantis, Emporer’s New Groove, Treasure Island) that don’t have tons of “official Disney” merchandise, you can get a lot of high quality Disney fan art at Teepublic. You can check out the Moment Mom Store for some awesome shirts and accessories (mugs, phone cases, laptop bags, etc.).

Accessorize Your Disney Side

A brand you know she'll love! You can't go wrong with a Dooney and Bourke Disney bag!

A brand you know she’ll love! You can’t go wrong with a Dooney and Bourke Disney bag!

Sometimes it’s all about the right accessories. Disney Moms have a lot going on and the perfect bag can make a big difference.

The best fun and funky brand for sure to make every Disney mom happy is Danielle Nicole! Danielle Nicole carries a really wide range of characters, including a large contingency of villain bags. They make great options for Disney bags for adults. I’m kind of in-love with this Lucifer Backpack!

The ultimate luxury accessory has to be a Dooney and Bourke Disney bags. These bags are an amazing quality and last forever.  I’ve carried a Dooney and Bourke Disney bag for over 7 years, and it still looks the same as the day I bought it.  We also know mom is usually in charge of the planning, so the mickey phone ring can be a cute addition.

Finally, if you are in search of the perfect park bag for Mom, the Moment Makers fanny pack/waist bag is the perfect accessory. It has the perfect amount of space (it can even hold a full-size sunscreen), but lets mom go “hands-free” in the parks. You can match your millennial pink ears or “rock the dots”! It’s not always easy to find a functional Disney fanny pack/ hip pack for adults, and this one checks all the boxes!

Best Disney Gifts for Villains Fans

Some Moms love the princesses and some love the villains! You’ll find a huge variety of options for Villain fan’s these days. There are entire lines of makeup dedicated to Ursula and Cruella. The Evil Queen and Queen of Hearts sport their own jewelry line, and you can easily find some awesome outfits to show off your love of the Villains too. There is even your very own villain board game,  Disney Villainous. You can get way more info on it this review and see if it’s the next present for your Disney mom.

It’s Time for a Disney Park Trip

Disney Parks Luggage

If you are planning a trip and want to get something useful for your next Disney gift, think luggage and themed travel bags. A luggage tag to find your bag quickly or a great backpack for the parks are all good choices. I also love the Disney Weekend bag for short trips. If you want to know the best bags for the parks, you can also find that here : The Best Bag for Disney World and What To Pack In It!

Disney Parks Ears!

You can’t head to Disney Parks without some awesome new Mickey ears either! Just like everything else, Disney has a set of ears perfect for any Disney lovin’ mom!

Swap Your Bow

The Disney Swap Your Bow gets an entire category to itself. It’s a genius idea : Buy a single headband and customize/swap out the bows so you can have a completely different set of Minnie Ears  each time. If you are looking for a fun present that the entire family can contribute to, consider a swap your bow set. Everyone can pick their favorite character and load you up with great Disney options. It would make a great disney gift basket idea for adults.

Disney Collectibles and Keepsakes

Some of my best memories with my family involve a trip to a Disney Park or a special movie we love to enjoy together. Another great gift idea for Disney loving fans are keepsakes or collectibles. I’ll always remember getting our first haircut at Harmony Barbershop, and you can even get Dumbo to keep baby’s first tooth safe. Hallmark also makes great collectibles, and I’ve had the Sleeping Beauty featured here from several Mother’s Days ago. Bradford Exchange is also a big name in Disney Collectibles. Their Disney Christmas Tree is pretty epic!

You can also look for awesome picture frames or a figurine of mom’s favorite character as an awesome gift! If you are ready to splurge, the Fairytale Doll Collection is amazing and will surely be a treasured gift!

Loving Disney Art

A piece of Disney art can also make a great Disney gift for adults. Thomas Kinkade is one of the most famous Disney artists, and you can find many products with his amazing works including puzzles. His smaller canvases are also fairly reasonably priced.


Disney gifts are just like Disney movies. They come in all shapes and sizes, all budgets, and are as specific to the person as their favorite character. You can’t go wrong though, with checking out these great options:

    1. Sparkle – Pandora and Alex and Ani and are some of the best Disney jewelry options out there
    2. Home – Ethan Allen’s Disney Home collection and Le Crueset’s kitchen collection can help bring Disney to any home.
    3. Clothing – Official Disney Parks merchandise is the winner here, but you can find awesome Disney fan art clothing on the Moment Mom store from TeePublic.
    4. Accessories – Disney bags are all the rage in accessories. Moment Makers rock the dots for a Disney fanny pack. Danielle Nicole and Dooney and Bourke are your best bags for handbags.
    5. Disney Villains – Disney Villainous board game lets your Villain fan act out their evil strategy. Jewelry from Pandora or a fun Loungefly bag are also great options.
    6. Disney Park Trip – Make sure you check out the Best Disney Bag post for all the recommendations.
    7. Swap Your Bow – This is a present that can be shared by tons of people. Get your Disney loving fan the headband and everyone pick a bow to contribute.
    8. Collectibles – Check out the Hallmark Disney collection or Bradford Exchange for some great Disney collectibles.
    9. Art – Thomas Kinkade is the favorite here. You can get anything from puzzles to giant canvases of your favorite Disney artwork.The Disney Gift Guide for Mom. Over 100 ideas for every Disney Fan.
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