The Best Disney Resort Pool

Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool
The Uzima Pool features a great Grill and Bar! Order lunch while you wade in the pool!

Finding the best Disney resort pool can make your stay at Walt Disney World Resorts even more magical! Racing around the parks all day can make it seem like you aren’t even getting a vacation, so one of our best tips for a Walt Disney World trip is to take time and enjoy your resort. One of the best benefits of the Florida location is that you can enjoy the pools almost year round.

We’ve ranked the pools for a variety of features, including:

  • Best Disney Resort Pool Waterslides
  • Disney Resort Pools Perfect for an All-Day Stay
  • Best Walt Disney Resort Pool for Kids
  • Walt Disney World Resort Pools Perfect for Adults

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Best Disney Resort Pool Waterslides

One of the most exceptional features of a Walt Disney Resort pool is the waterslide. Both Deluxe and Moderate Resorts have waterslides at their main pool. Unfortunately, you won’t find waterslides at the Value resorts. The waterslides come in a variety of configurations, from fully open air to partially enclosed. There is even one that measures at 230 feet and crosses over a walkway!

Lava Pool at Polynesian
Lava pool, complete with water slide and waterfall!

The Lava Pool At Polynesian

The pool at Polynesian, affectionately named the Lava Pool, fully embraces its theme. You’ll ride down the volcano water slide and enjoy dole whip pineapple treats at the bar. This one ranks #1 from my crazy 8 year old for the ultimate water slide at Walt Disney World Resorts. He actually ranks this waterslide #1 of all the Disney World resort pools. You are inside the volcano for the majority of the ride down. This makes it a super exciting surprise when you come crashing out into the pool! For us adults, the nice thing about this slide is that it dumps you out on the side of the pool without everyone staring at you!

Other highlights of the Lava Pool at Polynesian are the zero-entry area and the waterfall. It’s a lot deeper under the waterfall, making it a nice place for the older kids and adults to relax. It’s also hard to imagine a better compliment to your pool day than a delicious dole whip from nearby Pineapple Lanai. If you need more convincing, you can check out other reasons to stay at Polynesian!

If you are heading to the Polynesian pool, you can load up on adorable Moana inspired gear. You can even snag a personalized Moana towel

Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Clubs

From Emily Parker at Journey of Parenthood

We LOVE Disney World and have to say, the best Disney resort pool on property is located at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. The pool is both perfect for families and for a romantic trip away. My husband and I spent our anniversary at Disney and loved relaxing by the pool and floating in the lazy river. While I soaked up the sun, he enjoyed the water slide which is one of the highest waterslides on Disney property!

I enjoyed our time together “just us,” but I couldn’t help but miss our kids when I watched the other children having the time of their lives at the massive pool at Stormalong Bay. The sand bar is truly incredible for kids! The perfect spot to allow little ones to play in the sand without worrying about ocean waves. It was so neat to have the sand bottom pool and such a unique design that is sure to impress!

When planning your Disney vacation make sure to always plan at least a day of rest from the go-go-go of the theme parks. And a stay at Disney’s Yacht Club resort will ensure that restful day is well enjoyed by the pool!

Best Disney Pools for an All-Day Stay

Some Disney World Resort pools are great for an afternoon dip and some can occupy an entire day. These resorts have excellent food options, many different play areas around the pool, and even your very own cabana. It’s never a bad idea to spend a full day at one of these Disney Resort pools!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool at Disney World
The Uzima Pool features a great Grill and Bar! Order lunch while you wade in the pool!

Uzima Pool At Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Animal Kingdom Lodge pool wins our vote for the best all-day pool. Spending an entire non-park day at this pool is actually one of our top tips for Animal Kingdom Lodge resort. The things that make this pool stand-out as a best Disney resort pool are the shear size of it and easy access to great food. The pool area is an astonishing 11,000 square feet with the pool holding almost 240,000 gallons of water! This creates several different areas for you to play and have fun. There are deep zones and shallow, making it perfect for all swim levels.

The food options close to the pool also mean you can spend your non-park day soaking in the sun. The full-service bar lets you order food from the nearby quick service restaurant, The Mara. You never even have to leave the pool to get a delicious lunch. Boma, one of the best meals at Disney in our opinion, is also right next to the pool area. You can do a quick change in the pool changing area and slip right into a top-notch dinner.

All-Day at a Disney World Pool Pro-Tip

You’ll want your phone to hold its charge for the whole day whether you are reading a book or need to check your dinner reservations. I highly recommend that you spend a few bucks on a good charger. You can use it for more than just Disney. The one we recommend is the  Anker Power Core 1300. It has 2 USB charger ports and can charge an iPhone up to 4 times on a single charge of itself. It’s worth the price.

Grand Floridian Waterfall and Waterslide at Disney World Resorts
The Grand Floridian Resort pool showcases a waterfall and waterslide.

Beach Pool at Grand Floridian

The Beach Pool at Grand Floridian is our pick for most underrated pool at Disney World Resorts. Being so close to Magic Kingdom makes most people think of Grand Floridian as the premier location for visiting the parks. For us, however, the pool makes it the perfect resort for an all-day pool day, and it starts with the cabanas!

If you want a luxury stay, you can rent a cabana for the entire day! You don’t even have to be a guest of Grand Floridian to rent the cabana which means you can visit from any other on-property resort and enjoy a relaxing day here. The cabana comes with a dedicated cast member servicing the area, ceiling fan, television, snacks and fruit, and they even provide sunscreen! If the Grand Floridian seems out of your price range, renting DVC points can actually make it more affordable (even the same price as a Moderate Resort!).

While many people might think of Beach Club or Polynesian as having the ultimate Deluxe pool waterslide, Grand Floridian has a huge waterslide measuring at 181 feet long! It’s actually 40 feet longer than the one at Polynesian and is sure to keep the kids happy! It also boasts a zero-depth entry into the pool.

The other magic at Grand Floridian pools happens in the Mad Hatter children’s water play area. Lots of the resorts have a similar concept, but when the Mad Hatter’s hat fills up with water, it dumps all over the whole place! The theming at this children’s play area really stands out and makes it an enjoyable all-day stay. If you are on the fence about whether this is your next stay, make sure you check out all the reasons staying in a Villa at Grand Floridian might be right for you.

If you are going to spend a whole day at the pool, you need some awesome outfits! The whole family can get into a theme together, from Lion King to Aladdin or even Star Wars!

Staying at Deluxe Disney World Resorts for Less

All of the top waterslides and all-day pools are found at Disney Deluxe Resorts. These resorts can come with a really big price tag and renting DVC points can save a lot. As an example, we have stayed in an Animal Kingdom Lodge Studio (one of our all-day pool recommendations!). The normal rate for this room was $3269 for a week during our fall break. The DVC rental price was $1408! That is a 56% savings on the room. It also comes with all kinds of benefits like free parking. If you are interested in saving on your Deluxe stays, you can check out our full comparison for DVC rental. We have personally used David’s Vacation Rental for our savings and highly recommend them.

Best Disney Resort Pool for Kids

Every Walt Disney World resort pool comes with special theming but some really make it special for the kids. Whether it’s water-firing cannons or a sea serpent water slide, these resorts are sure to appeal to the kids (or kids at heart!).

The Big Blue Pool at Disney's Art of Animation Resort
The Big Blue Pool at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is the largest pool at Walt Disney World!

The Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation

From Diana Rowe at

Ask my grandkids and they’ll shout it to the rooftops: Disney’s Art of Animation has the best pools. Ever. Walk anywhere and you’ll get your “under the sea” feeling when passing the pool areas to your themed resort rooms. When you have grandkids like mine, it’s only to change quickly into swimsuits to get out and dive in.

Each of the three pools features village-like pods of waters, while our favorite is still the Big Blue Pool, the largest hotel pool at Walt Disney World. Kids of all ages will love diving into the Finding Nemo-themed pool.  And wait for it…as the kids swim underwater have them listen as the pools feature water-proof speakers. Bright, fun and awesome themed and interactive places to play both in and out of the water, including a fun splash pad. Keeping it safe is complimentary life jackets and lifeguards on duty.

In my grandchildren’s opinion, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort has one of the best Disney World Resort pools.  And I do agree.  You can’t help but feel the Disney love and want to belt out “Under the Sea” when passing by the pool areas when walking to your themed resort rooms. Be sure to check out other fun things the kids will love at Walt Disney World!

Caribbean Beach Pool Spanish Fort at Disney World Resorts
Shoot one of the water cannons from the Spanish Colonial Fort!

Fuentes Del Moro Pool at Caribbean Beach

Two water slides! That’s pretty much all you need to know to rush over to the pool at Caribbean Beach. This pool wins for best interactive experiences for kids. The Spanish Fort themed pool features water cannons that you can use to defend your portion of the fort from other pool-goers. The two slides give you a great option for both big and little kids.

The pool also features options outside of the water with games like ping pong tables set up around the side of the pool. There is a pool cabana bar to enjoy some tropical drinks while you lounge the day away. If you decide you want to play Pirate for your whole trip, make sure to check out the Pirate Themed Rooms at Caribbean Beach.

Doubloon Lagoon Pool at Port Orleans French Quarter Disney World Resorts
Take a ride down the Sea Serpent at Port Orleans French Quarter.

Doubloon Lagoon at Port Orleans French Quarter

From Angela at Life of Spicers

We recently stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter resort and one of the main attractions for us was the pool. Doubloon Lagoon pool is a Mardi Gras themed pool with a 51 foot long sea serpent slide.

The pool area is very conveniently located close by to everything. We found that there were plenty of sunbeds available no matter what time of day we arrived at the pool. We particularly loved the fact that there are different depths in the pool, meaning that everyone wasn’t crammed into the same section of the pool.

There are two step entry points to the pool, and each of these are in the most shallow parts making it great for the pool parties that cast members like to put on every day. For the younger guests there is a splash pad area for children under 48” tall and for the older guests, there is a secluded whirlpool spa that was lovely to relax in at the end of a long park day.

Don’t forget some fun pool toys and an awesome bag for the kids to carry those toys in too!

Best Disney Resort Pools for Adults

Some Disney pools are go-go-go all the time, with lots of excitement and less relaxation. There is another group, however, that make the perfect place for an adult pool day. Serene surroundings and an entire island devoted to the pool are two places that can make for a great adult pool day, whether you bring the kids along or go it alone.

Copper Creek Pool at Wilderness Lodge Disney World Resorts
Copper Creek Pool at Wilderness Lodge has a literal creek running into it!

Copper Creek Pool at Wilderness Lodge

From Nicole at The Disney Journey

While other Disney pools might have more bells and whistles, the atmosphere of Copper Creek Pool at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge sets it apart. The theming truly transports you to the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Copper Creek pool is fed by a trickling stream, which falls from a waterfall several feet away. The surrounding area is filled with boulders, trees, and beautiful gardens which lend themselves to the atmosphere.

For those of us who enjoy some extra fun at the pool, there is a small slide that winds its way through the boulders into the pool. There is even a splash playground located next to the pool for the kids to enjoy.

All of this is nestled along the shores of Bay Lake, providing everyone with a beautiful view as they soak up the sun. Cast Members from nearby Geyser Point even walk through the pool area taking and delivering orders for guests. And if that wasn’t enough, Boulder Ridge pool is just a short walk away giving you two great pool options at Wilderness Lodge.

Pool at Coronado Springs Resort Disney World Resorts
Mayan Themed Pool at Coronado Springs Resort

The Lost City of Cibola Pool at Coronodo Springs

Not many resorts have an entire island devoted to their pool. Coronado Springs, however, has a huge complex built around a pool day. We were blown away when we showed up at the Dig site to see a 50 foot tall Mayan themed temple watching over the pool!

The kids immediately fell in love with the water slide. It’s off to the right of the main pool and clocks in at 123 feet long. It ends in a jaguar head “spitting” you out into the pool which they thought was so incredibly cool!. Like the other Disney resorts, I was really happy to see complimentary life jackets so I could relax a little as the kids came zooming down the slide.

The other unique feature at Coronado Springs is the massive hot tub. It holds up to 22 of your closest friends, making it the largest one at Walt Disney World. This wasn’t a huge bonus for us with kids but seemed like a nice addition for the adults. The hot tub is also right next to Siestas Cantina if you need a drink or snack to relax!

Get Your Disney Pool Gear Ready!

I’ve become obsessed with fun Disney bags! I obsesses over the new Dooney & Bourke prints, but can’t exactly afford to get them all or would want to take them to the pool! I do, however, find these totes at TeePublic super affordable and adorable. You can pick any of their designs and have them printed on a tote for your beach bag!

How adorable is the Enchanted Tiki Room bag?

Best Disney Resort Pool Summary

While it’s hard to go wrong with a Walt Disney Resort pool, some locations just stand out above the rest. From waterslides to serene outdoor escapes, the pools at Walt Disney World truly have something for everyone. As a recap, these are our recommendations for the best Disney Resort pool for you next vacation:

  1. Best Disney Resort Waterslides
    1. The Lava Pool at Disney’s Polynesian Village and Resort
    2. Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club
  2. Best Disney Resort Pools for an All-Day Pool Day
    1. Uzima Pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge
    2. Beach Pool at Grand Floridian
  3. Best Disney Resort Pools for Kids
    1. Fuentes del Moro at Caribbean Beach
    2. Doubloon Lagoon At Port Orleans French Quarter
  4. Best Disney Resort Pools for Adults
    1. Copper Creeek at Wilderness Lodge
    2. Lost City of Cibola at Coronado Springs
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