Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room Review

Pirate Room at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Relax in a pirate bed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort!

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Although all Disney World Resort rooms come with a fun theme, the Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room takes “living in the magic” to a whole other level! If you are looking for a special experience still in the Moderate Resort price range, then these pirate rooms may be the perfect stay for your next Walt Disney World trip. The entire Caribbean Beach Resort has actually undergone a renovation in very recent years, raising it up on the list of Best Disney Moderate Resorts.

Caribbean Beach Pirate Room

Yo-ho, Yo-ho, it’s a Pirate Room for me!! Caribbean Beach is one of two Moderate Resorts that offer special themed rooms, with the other being the princess-themed Royal Guest Rooms at Port Orleans Riverside. When you stay on Disney Property, you are paying a premium to live in the “Disney bubble,’ and these Disney Pirate Rooms do not disappoint!

Pirate Beds at Caribbean Beach Resort

The rooms are similar in size to other moderate resorts and come with two queen beds. They will unfortunately only sleep 4 people, so they are not an option for a family of 5 although other rooms at Caribbean Beach do have the 5th pull down bed.  The beds come with a full ship mast, complete with steering wheel, or helm. The mattress is cushioned inside of the body of the boat and kid’s will love standing up on the bed and steering their pirate ship each night!

Room Amenities in the Pirate Rooms at Caribbean Beach

The room comes with other amenities like a small table with two chairs. The table is decorated with a compass to help guide you and your little pirate through your trip! One big perk of the Pirate room is the ample storage in the pirate chests. The min- refrigerator even hides inside a pirate-themed barrel in the room.

The bathroom has a Pirate curtain flying the Jolly Roger to separate the double sink area from the room. The bathroom itself has the toilet and bath tub in a separate room.  The carpet boasts a stylish compass pattern. Overall, the details and styling of the room are excellent and sets the stage for a great time playing pirates!

As with all Disney resorts, the Mousekeeping team does an amazing job. A fun tip is to leave your kids’ stuffed animals out on the bed to see all of the special ways the Mousekeepers will find to use them. During our trip to the Pirate Rooms, we had a serious tsum tsum obsessions and we loved finding them pirating the ship when we got back!

Get into the Pirate Spirit at Caribbean Beach Resort

Why not dress the part why you are loving your Pirate Room at Caribbean Beach Resort? It’s a total Disney Pro-Mom tip to save money by stocking up on souvenirs before you get to the parks. The Jack Sparrow hat in the parks will cost a lot more than ordering it ahead of time, and it’s a ton of fun to surprise your kids with a pirate hat to match their new room!

Got Gold? Tee For Kids - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Customizable

They even have fun items for the Adults to get into Character. Get your own Pirate hat or even a Pirates of the Caribbean Spirit jersey!

Redd Pirate Hat for Adults - Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean Spirit Jersey for Adults - Walt Disney World

Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Beach has more sections than any other Moderate Resort, and you will feel this size immediately upon your arrival. It contains five different sections and a main house, with the pirate rooms being in the Trinidad South section. The other sections, in order:

  • Customs House – Check-in
  • Aruba
  • Jamaica
  • Martinique
  • Old Port Royale – Food Court and Main Pool
  • Trinidad North and South
    • Pirate Rooms are in Trinidad South

Being aware of the size of the resort is really important. If you aren’t expecting to have 6 bus stops, it can be quite a surprise. It also affects your travel time fairly significantly. For example, if you are trying to get to Port Royale, which houses the food court and main pool, a round-trip to Port Royale from Trinidad South takes around 15 minutes, not including the wait time for the bus. It’s actually much quicker to walk from your room along one of the many walkways inside the resort, only taking about 10 minutes to walk around Barefoot Bay from your Caribbean beach Pirate room.

Caribbean Beach Resort Location and Transportation

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is technically an Epcot Area Resort but is just as close to Hollywood Studios. Magic Kingdom is the furthest park from the resort.

Caribbean Beach Resort has two transportation options: Disney Sklyliner and Bus.

Disney’s Skyliner

The Skyliner system is the most convenient way to travel to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Epcot from Caribbean Beach Resort. As a “continuous movement” system, the Skyliner rarely stops meaning you aren’t waiting in line very long at all! It’s also filled with fun, character-themed gondolas so you can try to hop on to your favorite one!

The Skyliners are a gondola-style transportation option that connects Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation, the Riviera Resort, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. They connect to the International Gateway next to the France Pavilion at Epcot which means they also put you in short walking distance to Disney’s Boardwalk. This addition makes transportation at Caribbean Beach to the closest parks (Hollywood Studios and Epcot) even better!

From Caribbean Beach, it’s a straight shot to Hollywood Studios. The gondola’s aren’t air conditioned, but you actually pick up quite a bit of speed for a good breeze on your ride over. You can expect it to take around 5 minutes from boarding to arrival at Hollywood Studios. Another bonus is that the Skyliner drops off much closer to the entrance than the bus system.

For travel to Epcot, it takes about 12 minutes via Skyliner from Caribbean Beach. You will travel through the Riviera station, but do not have to get off at this station on your way to Epcot.  If you are staying at the edges of the Caribbean Beach resort, you can also take a quick walk over to Riveria to use its station as well.

Bus Transportation

As the resort has five separate sections and a main house, the buses make six total stops. The bus is even necessary just to travel between sections of the resort for many.  A separate bus runs for transportation inside of the resort, although it is quicker to walk in some cases.  The Pirate Rooms are in Trinidad South, which is the last stop on the way to the parks. This makes your trips to the parks quicker, but delays your trip home.  You can expect bus times from Trinidad South to be approximately:

  • Hollywood Studios – 10 minutes
  • Epcot – 15 minutes
  • Magic Kingdom – 30-40 minutes
  • Animal Kingdom – 25-30 minutes
  • Disney Springs – 20 minutes

If Hollywood studios or Epcot are your favorite resorts, then Caribbean Beach is an excellent choice, especially with the new Skyliner system. If traveling with Magic Kingdom fans, you may find the lengthy ride to not be ideal. Another plus was that due to the size of the resort, they run their own buses. You won’t have to share with other resorts like you do at even some of the Deluxe Resorts. They also run double buses during the busier hours.

Caribbean Beach Pool and Recreation

The main pool and recreation area at Caribbean Beach’s are truly the jewel of this resort, putting it squarely on the list for best Disney resort pools. A big benefit of the size of the resort is that the Fuentes del Moro pool area is equally as large. The theming follows along with a Pirate’s of the Caribbean with a Spanish Fort taking center stage.

There are actually two waterslides in the pool. The main slide measures 102 feet long and comes out of the main portion of the fort. The second slide is shorter and better for younger kids. As with all Disney Resort pools, life jackets are provided for the little ones who would like to take a trip down the fun waterslides!

Younger kids won’t be disappointed at the Fuentes del Moro pool either! They have their very own water play area, complete with a giant barrel that fills up and soaks the whole place! It comes with 2 water slides of its’ own and shallow water for lots of fun splashing in the sun.

Kids Water Play Area at Caribbean Beach
Watch out for the giant barrel in the Water Play area! It will soak you!

Aside from the main pool, you can find 5 other pools throughout the resort in each of the different sections. They are much quieter than the main pool and are great for relaxing. They don’t have the fun or excitement of the waterslides but are a great option for a more peaceful swim.

Stock Up on Pool Fun

Make sure you are completely stocked up on fun pool supplies to enjoy your day. You can even get a great Pirates of the Caribbean themed tote to carry your pool supplied with you.

Caribbean Beach Resort Dining

The Dining experiences at Caribbean Beach have undergone a huge renovation as of recent years and now feature a quick service area and table service option.  The table service option, Sebastian’s Bistro, is similar to the offerings at Port Orleans Riverside in that it only offers dinner service. The Sebastian’s Bistro menu is Latin and Caribbean inspired, with offerings like jerk chicken, conch fritters, and even Caribbean goat curry!

The Quick Service options at Caribbean Beach Resort are also top-notch. Unlike other Quick Service Resort options, you actually order at the front of the restaurant and then head to a table. You get a buzzer when you place your order, and it will alert you when your meal is ready. They have a huge variety of food, sure to please the whole family too. For the kids, pizza and spaghetti and meatballs were a huge hit. The farm-to-table salads let you add a meat for a really delicious meal too.

One of the most notable additions is a take-out window. While you can order take-out from many of the other Resorts, Caribbean Beach takes it to a new level by letting you mobile order your take-out and pick it up. Everything comes packed and ready for go for a nice dinner in the room. The walk from the Pirate Rooms in Trinidad South takes about 10 minutes, so you can easily walk down and then hop any bus to take you back to your room.

Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room Summary

Overall, The rt. The travel times to Magic Kingdom were longer than we expected, but the short trip to Hollywood Studios was a pleasant surprise.

The Best Reasons to Book a Pirate Room at Caribbean Beach Resort:

  1. Sleep Like a Pirate – Sleeping in a pirate bed is about as close as you can get to living in the Disney theme for your trip. It’s a great way to do something special for the pirate-fan in your family.
  2. Pool Day All Day! – The Fuentes del Moro pool is so big that you can easily spend a whole day trying out the different sections. You can take trips down two slides or relax in one of the many lounge chairs.
  3. Short Commute to Hollywood and Epcot – If Hollywood Studios or Epcot are your favorite parks, then Caribbean Beach is a great option. With the Skyliners on board, the trip is either 5 or 12 minutes with virtually no wait.
  4. Quick Service and Table Service – If you’d like different dining options, Caribbean Beach might be a good choice. With a Table Service restaurant, Quick Service, and Take-Out, you can easily enjoy a good meal at the Resort.

While the Pirate Rooms are tons of fun, there are a few reasons it may not be Best Disney  Moderate Resort for you.

Reasons You May Pick a Different Room from the Pirate Rooms at Caribbean Beach Resort:

  1. Close to the Magic – If Magic Kingdom is your favorite park, you might want to pick a resort closer as the bus ride is fairly lenthy.
  2. Lots of Stops – The shear number of bus stops in this large resort adds a decent amount on your transit time. If you are more interested in a smaller resort you might want to check out Port Orleans French Quarter.
  3. Party of 5 – If you have more than 4 people for your stay, then the Pirate Rooms won’t fit everyone.
  4. Retreat from the Theme – If you prefer to visit the Parks for the Disney Theme and then retreat to your resort to take a break from the Disney magic, then the Pirate Rooms might not be best. In the Moderate Resort category, you could check out Coronado Springs Resort for a less Disney-centric theme.

Caribbean Beach Resort Pin

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