Remy’s Hide and Squeak : Family Fun at Food and Wine

Remy's Hide and Squeak Game Board
The Game Board came with stickers for all the ingredients for a great ratatouille!

Epcot has always been a little tough for young kids. With the Food and Wine Festival in full swing, we wanted to find a way to entertain the kids and still get to eat our way around the world! Disney wants you to enjoy the time as well, and since 2015 they have been hosting Remy’s Hide and Squeak. This scavenger hunt takes you around the World Showcase looking for Remy and his ingredients for his famous ratatoullie. When I saw that this attraction would be returning for 2017 on the Disney Parks Blog, we were ready to sign up!

Getting Started

There are several locations throughout Epcot to sign up for Remy’s Hide and Squeak. We purchased ours from the station outside the Electric Umbrella. The game board also had the locations for the redemption locations.

Remy's Hide and Squeak Game Board

The Game Board came with stickers for all the ingredients for a great ratatouille!

The set comes with a game board and set of stickers for each ingredient and costs $5.99. This is a little different than some of the other scavenger hunts, like Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom , which are free and included in your park ticket. Remy’s Hide and Squeak does give you a prize at the end to help justify the cost. We found, however, the fun was well worth it on its own.

If you want to get in the mood, you can stock up on Ratatouille-inspired fun before your trip! You could even do your own scavenger hunt with the plush Remy. Find out your friends and family’s favorite spots in Epcot and take a picture with him!  Here are some more ideas for a do-it-yourself scavenger hunt too: How and Why To Run a Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt.

Finding Remy

We weren’t sure what to expect at first, but quickly found our first Remy in the Mexico Pavilion. He was quite adorable and posed with one of the ratatouille ingredients. The adults took the opportunity to stop and grab a snack too! Spoiler Alert: We took pictures in every country, so skip ahead if you don’t want to know where to find him!


As we passed through each country, we kept our eyes open for Remy. We found him at the food kiosks in some areas and inside the actual pavilions for others. One of the best parts was that it was completely unpredictable and truly a scavenger hunt.




We did have to ask for help a couple of times and Cast Members were more than happy to tell us to keep going or turn back if we had passed it already. Don’t get fooled into thinking you can see them all from one direction. We had to turn around and approach pavilions from the opposite direction to find some of the hiding Remy’s, like this one in the Outpost.



After finding Remy, we headed over to Via Naploli for a delicious lunch.

The American Adventure


Japan was one of my favorite Remy sitings! We love the Koi ponds in Japan, and loved finding Remy enjoying them as well.



United Kingdom

We had been to eat at Rose and Crown the night before (highly recommended!), and didn’t even see Remy hiding up above!


This is another one that took some looking! We headed into the Canadian Pavilion and were reminded how beautiful it was. Unforutnely, Remy was hiding outside the Pavilion at a Kiosk, but we still enjoyed our stroll through Canada!

Remy in Canada at Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Added some salt to our recipe in Canada

The Art of Pairing

After the World Showcase, Remy’s scavenger hunt led us towards Tomorrow Land.

Next Eats

Flavors From Fire

Our last Remy was hiding out in the Flavors From Fire Kiosk. This was also our test that we’d identified all the others correctly. We only had one sticker left, so we hoped it matched the last ingredient!

Getting our Prize

After you finish the scavenger hunt, you can take your completed board back for a prize. They will let you redeem them even if you didn’t complete the entire board, but I highly recommend getting the most out of it and completing your hunt!

Completed remy game board

We finished!

Remy's Key Chains

How cute are your keychain prizes??


Remy’s Hide and Squeak was a great way to introduce the kids to the Food and Wine Festival. We even convinced them to try some new foods so they could put a stamp in our passports as well! I would definitly recommend spending the $5.99 per board for the fun in the park and the cute keychain gift!


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