Best Value Lunch at Epcot : Via Napoli

Pizza Oven at Via Napoli
The kids loved watching the pizzas coming out of the ovens.

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We are slowly eating our way around the world, and Italy was next on the list! I’d heard so many good things about Via Napoli that I had some pretty high expectations of our lunch reservation. Via Napoli focuses on Southern Italian cuisine, with the Neapolitan Pizza options being the most popular on the menu.


Via Napoli is located in the back of the Italy Pavilion. We enjoyed looking at the fountains and even some entertainment in the central square before our lunch.Italy Pavilion Sign at Epcot

We visited during the Food and Wine Festival, and had a fun time playing one of the many scavenger hunts that Disney hosts with the festivals. This time it was also played Remy’s Hide and Squeak, and we found Remy hiding out in the Italy Pavilion right before we went into the restaurant. The scavenger hunts are a lot of fun and help keep little ones entertained as your explore the world showcase. You can find out more about them here: Remy’s Hide and Squeak : Family Fun at Food and Wine.


Awarded the “Best Theme Park Dining” critic’s choice award by the Orlando Sentinel, Via Napoli checks all the boxes for fun, themed-dining. The highlight of Via Napoli for many are the three pizza ovens, named after the three active volcanos in Italy: Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius, and Stromboli.

My kids loved watching the pizza ovens, and I was impressed with the beautiful chandeliers throughout the dining room. We all enjoyed the open kitchen. It’s always fun to be able to watch your food being prepared.

Chandelier at Via Napoli

I loved the chandeliers!

If you don’t have time to enjoy the atmosphere, you can also take advantage of the Via Napoli Pizza Window. It serves various slices, cannoli, and beverages. You don’t get the same feel as dining in the restaurant, but it’s a quick  and tasty alternative.


Menu Board for Via Napoli

Menu Board


We were on the dining plan this go around, so lunch came with an appetizer, main course, and dessert. The kids loved the fruit cocktail appetizer. It’s nothing too fancy, but included a normal variety of fruits (grapes, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, pineapple).

For the adults, we enjoyed the fried mozzarella balls and a side salad.


The pizza ovens really are the star, but they do take longer than a lot of the other food to cook. We actually ordered the shrimp fettuccine and chicken parmeson for the adults and received our food about 20 minutes before the kids’ pizzas were done. They did warn us of the time difference at the very beginning, but it is something you should be prepared for. Overall, it worked out well as the kids had their fruit appetizers, and we were able to get through our food without having to rush!

With the extra large pizza for $40, you can feed a family of 4 at about $10 per person. This makes Via Napoli one of the most affordable family dinners of all the Epcot World Showcase restaurants.


As good as the pizzas were, dessert was our favorite part of the meal. The Coppa Di Brutti Ma Buoni was AMAZING!! The amarena cherries were delicious, and I had to fight the kids to keep my dessert!

Dining Plan and Cost

Via Napoli is on the Disney Dining Plan as a Table Service meal. It will take one credit, and includes an appetizer, meal, drink, and dessert for everyone. IF you need a refresher on the Dining Plan, check out : .The Ins and Outs of the Disney Dining Plan. You can get a 10% discount as a Passholder or Disney Visa Card Holder. With Tables in Wonderland, that discount increases to 20% off. If you decide to pay out of pocket, you can expect to spend the following for your entree:
$10-12 Children’s meal or individual pizza
$21-32 Adult’s meal or individual pizza

The best deal for a family is to order the 1/2 meter giant pizza. Four people can easily get a good lunch for $41-48 depending on the pizza.


There are a few things that make Via Napoli the perfect lunch (or dinner) on the World Showcase for you:

  • You are a pizza-loving family! Pizza really is the star of the show here. The kids love watching the pizza ovens, and the pizzas are delicious.
  • You aren’t on the dining plan and want a Disney-affordable Table Service meal. Order one of the 1/2 meter pizzas, and easily feed 4 people for $41-$48 which is a steal by comparison to most Table Service on the World Showcase.
  • You have some picky eater in your group. Pizza is pretty standard for everyone, and the kids’ appetizers are very tame. This is a good choice if you want to go somewhere with a good shot at pleasing picky palates.

Although it is a great choice, there are also a few reasons you might choose a different restaurant for your Table Service meal:

  • You are an adventurous eater and want to try food you can’t easily get anywhere else. While I think the authenticity of the food is much higher than other Italian restaurants we normally have access to, the options are fairly standard.
  • You are on the dining plan and aren’t worried about price. You want the most expensive Table Service options. Your Table Service credits  go the furthest with Character Dining. The menu is fairly priced for the amount of food, but it’s not going to push you to the top of your Dining Plan value.

For more information on Via Napoli, you can check out the Disney Dining site.

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